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As many as 56 million Americans suffer from hair loss. Opulence Modern Medical Artistry in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, offers an option for treatment in ExoFlo® injections to regrow hair. Kiran Chekka, MD, and a team of expert practitioners proudly stand behind this safe, natural hair restoration treatment that contains exosomes and proteins to effectively regrow hair on the scalp in men and women. Call today or book online to find out how this hair regeneration treatment can help you restore a healthy head of hair.

Hair Regeneration Q&A

How common is hair loss?

If you’re losing your hair, you’re not alone. Not only are 56 million Americans suffering from hair loss, but 40% of them are women who experience hair loss before they reach menopause. Hair loss happens gradually, too. You may lose 50% of your hair before anyone even notices – and then the situation is dire.

What is ExoFlo hair regeneration?

ExoFlo is a formula that contains exosomes and proteins – proteins that are already in your body. Exosomes are tiny vesicles within your cells that provide the ability to regenerate new tissue, including hair. 

The 10,000 exosomes in the ExoFlo formula are only 1/1000th the size of a cell but contain more than 1,000 protein growth factors. When injected, these growth factors “wake up” your dormant follicles and stimulate the production of new hair cells.

At Opulence Modern Medical Artistry, your provider injects ExoFlo into your scalp, just below the skin, to areas of thinning hair. Women with diffuse hair thinning receive injections throughout their scalp while men with male pattern baldness require regional injections in areas of thinning.

Most people tolerate the injections quite well and report minimal discomfort. You do receive local anesthesia to ease the sensation.

What are the benefits of ExoFlo?

ExoFlo is a safe, effective treatment that requires absolutely no downtime. The procedure offers consistently fast and dramatic regrowth outcomes, even for female hair loss. You get benefits after just a single session and don’t have to endure scalp redness or evidence of treatment. Because the treatment is natural, you don’t experience inflammation in the scalp with the stimulation of hair growth. It’s discrete and effective.

ExoFlo has been used by thousands of people without one single adverse effect reported to the FDA.

Who is a candidate for hair regeneration with ExoFlo?

If hair loss makes you self-conscious, consider ExoFlo treatments. Other factors that make you an ideal candidate are:

  • You want fast results (about five weeks vs. 6-9 months with other regenerative treatments)
  • You want to avoid any downtime
  • You would prefer others not notice your treatment (no redness or inflammation)
  • Safety is your primary concern

If you’re tired of thinning hair and want a lush set of locks, call Opulence Modern Medical Artistry, or book online, to learn about ExoFlo hair regeneration.