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With over 50 years of training and experience in state-of-the-art aesthetics, modern wellness techniques, clinical psychology and anesthesia/pain services, our team at Opulence Modern Medical Artistry is bringing a whole new concept to West Loop Chicago. We aim to elevate your experience to a whole new level with only the safest techniques and most innovative technology.

Our team has decades of experience in operating rooms around the world, our team wants to take all the best safety methods out of the hospital and bring them to an inviting and luxurious environment.

Wellness and beauty go hand in hand. We want you to get the best results, so you can feel good and look good. While our plastic surgery team makes you look great, our pain and wellness specialists make sure that you feel great. You can go anywhere for “hangover cure” infusion, but we offer much, much more. 

Due to the specialized skills needed to administer NAD treatments, they used to be a rare and technically challenging procedure. Our team has taken those challenges away, offering this safe and easy treatment as an outpatient service. The best part is that any of our services can be performed while you rest gently under the care of our board-certified anesthesia providers. Learn more about our anesthesia services


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Words from our patients

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    Seeing a doctor can feel stressful. I feel much more comfortable in this environment vs a traditional doctors office. Lots of cutting edge technology here!

    Matthew M.
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    My procedure was lip injections, and I am absolutely in love. My top lip was almost non existent before. I broke down in tears when I went home from how happy I was!

    Michala M.
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    NAD therapy is a MUST TRY. Dr. Chekka is who you need to see to explain the science in addition to why he gives a specific dose to achieve the absolute best result.

    Tom W.
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    I've been coming here for a few weeks now to see Dr. Chekka for Ketamine infusions. It's really helped me out a lot. I'm very happy with it now.

    David B.
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    Sarah is a miracle worker! She is kind, and takes the extra time to explain the science to her magic in regards to under eye filler.

    Leah K.
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    This place is so gorgeous. It doesn't feel or look like a doctor's office at all. It's warm, inviting and I love the artwork.

    Daisy L.
Opulence Modern Medical Artistry
630 W Lake Street
Suite 3
Chicago, IL 60661